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My Pet Project

Your best friends records, in the palm of your hands.

My Pet Project is an elegant, yet simple solution to help you keep track of your best friend's medical details. Use My Pet Project to have quick access to your pet's microchip, rabies and county license numbers, as well as keep an eye out for any upcoming vaccination dates. My Pet Project also allows you to keep a record of your pets medicine routine as well as any allergies that might put a damper on your furry friends disposition. My Pet Project contains a breed reference with details covering over 200 cat and dog breeds, including how they rank in relation to common questions (ie, energy level, affection level, grooming needs, etc.) as well as general medical notes such as major and minor concerns, and suggested tests.

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Simplified Interface

Quick interactions. Simple to understand. Track the essential data points - microchip number, rabies number, county license number, breed, markings, weight, date of birth, date of spay/neuter - on all your four-legged family members through a fast, unencumbered interface. Keep track of their vaccinations, detailing vaccination dates under 60 days, under 30 days, and expired. Track medications and allergies!

Use the integrated breed reference to learn more about the individual needs and habits of your four-legged family members.

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Carefully Crafted Design

My Pet Project is designed to aid in the health and well-being of both Cats and Dogs by helping you keep track of vaccinations specific to your pet. You can also save your veterinarians details within the App to keep their contact information close at hand.